About Me

Terry Tapp is an artist and writer living in New York City. Originally from Kentucky, Terry knows well the area of the US stemming from West Virginia to northern Georgia. He has been living in New York City since 2010. His first book, “A Serf’s Journal,” will be published by Zero Books in November of 2017. His upcoming books include a fictional account of four persons struggling under the weight of economic and political despair who decide to commit an act of political assassination in Louisville, Kentucky in May, 2005 and the book, “Dream Politics,” an account of the murder of human imagination and a catalog of currently-regarded “impossible” endeavors that have happened and the details of what made them possible. His blog, “A Serf’s Journal,” features his writing and thoughts on matters political and philosophical. Outside of art his interests include work, human evolution, the nature of consciousness, Appalachian history and current events, insurrection, and storytelling.

You can see his visual art at http://terrytapp.com.