New Comic work

My new eight-page story that will appear in the upcoming World War III comics anthology. The theme of the anthology is “repair,” which refers to our collective and individual efforts to put our lives and world back together after the devastation of the pandemic (which is still ongoing, of course).

I titled the story “Fixin’ To,” which is a phrase used in Kentucky, the Central Appalachian region, and in many parts of the south. It translates as “getting ready to” and I enjoyed the connotation of preparing and repairing delivered by it.

Page One…

Page Two. I used an image from the protests of the Dakota Access pipeline to indicate that these struggles and the effect of settler-colonialism are as contemporary as they are historical.

Page Three of “Fixin’ To.” I chose the image of a Moloch-like mask and statue or even machine to represent the religious devotion on the part of the financial death cult.

Page Four.

Page Five.

Page Six of “Fixin’ To.”

Page Seven of “Fixin’ To.”

Page Eight of “Fixin’ To.”